Traditions and Culture in Batak Typical Foods

Indonesia is one of the countries that will be very culinary. As well as being famous for its delicious taste, Indonesian cuisine also contains a variety of history which has become a symbol of the culture and wisdom of its people. One of the culinary Indonesian that is still thick with the value of tradition is typical Batak food. This type of food originating from North Sumatra does have some uniqueness that distinguishes it from other Indonesian dishes.
Unique Batak Food
When discussing typical Batak foods, of course it cannot be separated from the spices on this one. That's right, especially if it's not Andaliman. This type of spice is the main spice that characterizes the Batak cuisine which comes from the outer skin of fruits from the Zanthoxylum plant such as oranges or rutaceae. In addition, the majority of the Christian population also makes these unusual batak food ingredients such as pork, blood or dog meat that are not commonly consumed. But that does not mean all the food is not khalal, because since the entry of Islam in Sumatra, the basic ingredients of this cuisine have been replaced with khalal food.
In addition Batak tribe residents also use food that is no less unique, such as kidu or palm tree larvae. These larvae are usually fried and enjoyed with arsic broth, a typical type of batak sauce made from a mixture of Andaliman seasoning, candlenut, garlic and turmeric. Besides that we don't know yet, there is one more unusual Batak food which they call pagit, because in this food they are given a mixture of food extracts from cattle vomit. Certainly not imagined in our minds right?
Processed Delicious Batak Specialties
You can enjoy all the special Batak dishes when you visit Sumatra, especially for those of you who are non-Muslim, you also have no harm in trying some unique Batak foods, such as:
• Saksang, which is processed pork or chopped dog with a mixture of coconut milk, blood and various spices.
• Manuk mapinadar, which is grilled chicken with blood sauce cooked with andaliman seasoning.
• Tanggo and other Batak dishes.
As for those of you who are Muslim, can try other Batak foods, such as arsic, processed fish or meat food cooked with yellow spices, dengke na niura, goldfish na niura served raw with typical batak seasonings, tuktuk chili sauce, gomak noodles, na tinombur, or dali ni horbo. Not only that Batak also has a variety of snacks that will lose if you do not try, such as lampet cakes, pohul-pohul cakes, gurgur itak, sihobuk beans or sasagun. Those are some typical Batak foods that are famous for their deliciousness, hopefully useful ...
Description: Batak food has a variety of uniqueness that is a symbol of the traditions of its people. Besides thick with its historical value, some of these batak foods are also famous for their taste.

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