These Are Signs Of Leucorrhoea Before Labor That Need To Be Cautioned

Leucorrhoea during pregnancy is one thing that is quite troubling for women, because in addition to being one of the signs of pathological disease, leucorrhoea is also very disturbing comfort, especially for vaginal discharge before delivery which is more intense than vaginal discharge during pregnancy in general. In addition to the presence of a pathological disease, the type of vaginal discharge before delivery is very reasonable and certainly does not endanger the health condition of the mother or fetus. For this reason, you should know the signs of vaginal discharge that are normal to the type of vaginal discharge that is a sign of disturbance during pregnancy for early prevention.
Pregnant women often experience vaginal discharge. This occurs due to hormonal changes and the condition of the female area which tends to be more humid, especially before delivery. Both of these are the causes of increased fluid production accompanied by a decrease in the pH of the female area. But not all vaginal discharge before delivery can be considered normal, because in some conditions, vaginal discharge can be one of the signs to watch out for because it can affect the health of the mother and fetus.
Causes of Leucorrhea Near Delivery
Leucorrhoea is often regarded as one thing that is quite embarrassing by some women, so it is often considered trivial and even tends to be reluctant to consult with doctors or midwives. Leucorrhoea in pregnant women can generally be divided into two types based on the causative factors, namely physiological factors and pathological factors. leucorrhoea is physiological or normal if caused by several things which include hormonal changes during pregnancy, when doing lots of physical activity or caused by sexual stimulation. In this condition the woman will experience vaginal discharge in the form of clear and odorless liquid.
While vaginal discharge before delivery is said to be abnormal if it is caused by microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses or parasites that can have an impact on infections in the female area. Besides being caused by microorganism infections, soap cleansers or related to husband and wife during pregnancy can also have an impact on irritation. In pregnant women, the most common infectious disorders are infections of the fungus candida. Normally this candida fungus grows in the digestive tract and vagina. Infection occurs when the growth of the fungus is out of control, especially during pregnancy which strongly supports the growth of the fungus where the condition of the immunity of pregnant women tends to decrease. This fungal infection can strike from the beginning of the pregnancy and will get worse when approaching labor due to the condition of the female organs that are getting more humid.
Characteristics of Leucorrhoea leading to Abnormal Labor
Leucorrhoea before delivery is normal and does not have a difference that is easy enough to recognize. But the problem is sometimes pregnant women find it difficult to recognize this type of vaginal discharge because it almost resembles amniotic fluid which marks the time of birth is approaching. For more convenience, you can see vaginal discharge that comes out of color and symptoms. If the fluid that comes out tends to be clear, slimy or thick and does not cause odor or itching, then this type of vaginal discharge can be said to be normal.

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Recognize the Characteristics of Pregnancy Leucorrhoea

Whereas pathological vaginal discharge before delivery occurs when marked by changes in fluid that is brown or greenish mixed with blood and accompanied by itching or pain when urinating. If you experience these symptoms, immediately consult your midwife or doctor. Thus reviews related to vaginal discharge before delivery that we can convey, hopefully it can be useful for you ..
Description: Leukorrhoe before delivery is caused by two factors namely physiological factors and pathological factors due to bacteria, fungi or viruses that must be treated immediately with appropriate treatment.

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