Recognize the Characteristics of Pregnancy Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is a sign of pregnancy  Leucorrhoea and pregnancy, are these two things related? The majority of women only know that vaginal discharge is a sign of menstruation. Both are not wrong, but of course vaginal discharge is a different sign of menstrual vaginal discharge. In pregnant women, this condition is known as leucorrhea, this condition is very normal and will even occur until entering labor. And to ensure that you need to know the characteristics of vaginal discharge and vaginal discharge that marks a pregnancy. What are its characteristics like?
Characteristics of Leucorrhoea Signs of Pregnancy
To determine the type of vaginal discharge you are experiencing, in addition to having to pay attention to the menstrual cycle, you also have to recognize the special characteristics of vaginal discharge that is a sign of pregnancy. The first characteristic you can see is the color and shape of the liquid. Leucorrhoea that marks a pregnancy is generally thick and colored like milk, very different from vaginal discharge in general which is clear. And you need to be aware if the vaginal discharge has changed because it can be an indication of the onset of disturbance in early pregnancy. If your vaginal discharge begins to turn grayish, yellowish or foaming during pregnancy, of course you should be aware because it can be a sign of bacterial growth that can have an impact on infection in the uterus or vagina.
To see the vaginal discharge next pregnancy sign you can also find out from the second special feature, which is based on the intensity of discharge. In normal conditions, vaginal discharge only occurs just before menstruation, but will be a sign of pregnancy if the intensity of vaginal discharge is very often even continues to come out during pregnancy. This is a normal condition that is not dangerous because it is the result of a thickened vaginal wall. For this reason it is necessary to anticipate by always maintaining the female organs properly during pregnancy to prevent infections due to conditions in the female area that tend to be moist.
Causes of vaginal discharge during pregnancy
As we know, vaginal discharge is very closely related to hormonal conditions. Likewise what happens to pregnant women. Leucorrhoea is a sign of pregnancy caused by increased vaginal moisture due to changes in the hormone estrogen. Also in early pregnancy, the vaginal wall thickens resulting in increased fluid and blood flow is also increasingly aimed at the female area. This is a normal condition as an effect of vaginal cell growth. And you do not need to worry if the condition is still fairly normal and does not cause unpleasant odors or itching to heat in the female area. But if this happens, immediately consult this matter with your doctor or midwife to anticipate the occurrence of infection in the uterus.

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How to neutralize vaginal discharge that increases during pregnancy
Leucorrhoea is a very normal sign of pregnancy, even most pregnant women experience it, but if it continues it certainly causes anxiety. And here are some ways you can neutralize excessive vaginal discharge. The first way is to not soak in warm water too often because it will trigger the growth of fungus, so that it results in more vaginal discharge.
In addition, during pregnancy the cleanliness of the female organs must also always be maintained. To clean it you can use running water, if you want to use cleansing soap you should choose a safe and recommended by a doctor to avoid irritation or other desired things. Thus the information we can convey related to vaginal discharge, hopefully it can be useful ..
Description: Leucorrhoea is a sign of pregnancy is true, and generally occurs due to thickening of the uterine wall which is the effect of vaginal cell growth.

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