ASI Complementary Foods for Infants 7 Months

Age 7 months is the age where incisors have begun to grow, therefore this period is very important to introduce food to babies. According to the doctor's advice complementary breastfeeding food can be given from the age of the baby enters 6 months, but after entering the age of 7 months this portion of the meal can be adjusted to the texture of food that is easily crushed by the baby. For the 7-month baby food menu itself is not too difficult, because we can buy ready-to-eat baby food. But as a good housewife it would be better if you prepare it yourself at home.
Nutrition Required for 7-Month-Old Babies
Before you prepare food for your baby, first identify the nutrients needed to support the development and growth of infants entering the age of 7 months. Nutrition in baby food for 7 months is very important to determine the growth and development of your child, both for health and to improve the function of all organs. Some of the nutrients that are needed by babies include complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals such as iron, calcium and chromium, as well as various vitamins derived from vegetables and fruits.
7 Month Baby Food Menu
At the age of 7 months, food is not yet a major source of energy for babies, because the baby's main food is still derived from breast milk. At this time the feeding is done to introduce the baby to a variety of foods. The food menu given to babies is still limited, with a soft texture. Here are some recommended 7 month baby food:
• Milk porridge, this menu has the softest texture compared to other complementary foods, so it can be given in the first period.
• Team rice, this menu can be mixed with various kinds of side dishes and vegetables cooked together. The texture of this team's rice must be soft so it is easier for the baby to digest.
• A snack that can be baby biscuits, soft fruit or fruit juice.
Milk porridge and rice team can be given in the morning and evening with adjusted portions, while baby snacks can be given during the day or while relaxing. So that the baby does not get bored, you can create 7-month baby food with a variety of vegetables and side dishes that are appropriate. Recommended side dishes include tuna, chicken or beef, eggs, tofu or tempeh that have been mashed before.

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As for vegetables, spinach, carrots, mustard greens, broccoli has good nutrition for babies. Those are some 7 months baby food that you can give to your beloved baby, hopefully it can be useful ..
Description: 7 month baby food is an important complementary food for ASI, in addition to introducing various types of food as well as a nutrient supplement for the growth and development of infants.

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