Development of Cellular Network Technology

Cellular network technology in Indonesia has now entered the 4G era, but not a few cellular technologies that still use 3G and even 2G networks. This network is always experiencing development from time to time and will always be developed along with the increasingly sophisticated cellular technology in all parts of the world. Each era of this development has a significant difference from the 1G network which is now no longer used until the $ G technology that is now being applied in all parts of the world as the latest network technology.
Differences in Cellular Network Technology From Time to Time
1G technology is the first cellular network technology known to the world with its analog signal. 1G technology was developed in the 70-80s, but it is not like the current technology network, because this network technology can only be used to communicate via voice only or only limited to telephone services and accompanied by the use of mobile phones at that time.
Slightly advanced in the era of 2G cellular network technology, which was just introduced in the 90s, network technology that originally used analog signals was developed into digital signals as technology develops and cell phone users increase worldwide. Especially in this era SMS or short messages and picture messages began to be introduced. Not only that, the 2G technology is also supported by better voice service technology and is accompanied by data access support, known as the 2G EDGE network, which has data access speeds of up to 1 Mbps.
And in 1998 the third 3G network technology was introduced. This network technology is fairly perfect because in addition to users can use telephone services, short messages and picture messages can also access the internet network with a faster connection without using a data cable. This network technology is the initial technology of mobile broadband that supports the transfer of audio, images and video that allows its users to stream or video call.
And the last is the latest 4G technology known as 4G LTE network. Until now 4G LTE technology is claimed as the fastest network technology with download speeds that reach 100 Mbps and upload speeds that reach 50 Mbps. However, this speed is not considered optimal, because for the 4G standard it must be supported with download speeds of up to 500 Mbps. So it still needs to be refined to reach its maximum capacity. Meanwhile in Indonesia, this network technology has been used by several leading cellular operators even though the technology is still very limited. Thus the information related to the development of cellular network technology that we can convey, hopefully useful ..
Description: Cellular network technology to date has undergone 4 changes, namely 1G, 2G, 3G networks and the latest is 4G LTE network.

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