Suzuki New Grand Vitara Specifications

Suzuki Grand New Grand Vitara Specifications - Looking for a tough car to accompany your adventure? Another SUV-based car that is very attractive and modern. This time it came from the Suzuki vendor, the New Grand Vitara, which now comes in the 2.4 L engine variant with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. This car is specifically designed to fulfill their desire for the soul of the challenges set out in a sturdy car with tough suspension in all terrain.
What are the specifications of the Suzuki New Grand Vitara?
The Grand Vitara itself has been presented for quite a long time, with various changes in each generation. The advantages of the Suzuki New Grand Vitara Specifications can be seen from various aspects. The dashing design with sporty accents looks very masculine, coupled with the radiator and radiator grille that are stylishly designed to look more luxurious and fierce. In the interior side is also not inferior to other SUVs, with number one quality leather wrapping for the seats and decorated with classy stitches.
New Suzuki Grand Vitara specifications are also supported with maximum performance. Equipped with a capacity of 2500 cc engine with J24B, DOHC and VVT-i technology, so that it can produce powerful power with maximum torque that reaches 225 Nm at 4,000 atm. And in this condition the car can produce maximum power up to 116 ps at 6,000 rph engine speed. Although the power produced is quite high, the compression ratio of the Suzuki New Grand Vitara is quite economical with a ratio of 1; 10. In addition To support safety, the Suzuki New Grand Vitara is also equipped with Stability Contor, ABS and Air Bag.
Price of the Suzuki New Grand Vitara
For price issues, this type of car is quite expensive, which ranges from Rp.346,000,000.00 for the manual type and Rp.357,000,000.00 for the automatic type. That is the information related to the Suzuki New Grand Vitara Specifications that we can convey. Also read the Toyota New Fortuner specifications to increase your insight regarding the automotive world.
Description: Specifications of the New Grand Vitara Suzuki that are tough enough to fulfill your desire for a car that can accompany adventure in all fields.

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