Suzuki Celerio Specifications

Suzuki Celerio Specifications - Again Suzuki presents its newest city car. After the success of the previous Suzuki car variant, Suzuki did not want to be complacent, and to show its existence as a quality low-cost car manufacturer, the automotive vendor presented Suzuki Celerio to enliven the automotive market in Indonesia. This recently launched car is equipped with a variety of features that are quite complete with a neat and attractive middle class design. curious about the details of the specifications?
Suzuki Celerio Specifications and Prices
Suzuki Celerio is a city car type which is categorized as low end or middle class. However, that does not mean Suzuki Celerio specifications are not satisfactory. With prices ranging from 146 million rupiah for the manual series and 158 million rupiah for the matic version, the Suzuki Celerio has a pretty attractive body design, besides being presented with a variety of color choices, the car body of the Suzuki Celerio also features an aerodynamic system with an elegant indentation. For interior design is also no less interesting, besides being equipped with audio steering steering on the steering wheel, equipped with comfortable seats along with the leg room on the side of the cabin, which is quite interesting is the arrangement of the carpet in line with the color of the car seat that makes the cabin look cleaner and more comfortable.
Besides that, the Celerio Suzuki specifications related to the kitchen are also quite good. Equipped with a 998 cc engine capable of producing power up to 68 hp at a 600 Rpm engine speed. For fuel, Suzuki Celerio is quite economical, where for every 1 liter it can travel a distance of 23 km on a freeway. The transmission system from Suzuki Celerio also uses a 5-speed manual transmission with Auto Gear Shift which makes the driver more comfortable and easy to operate.
These various advantages make Suzuki Celerio superior compared to Toyota Agya specifications and other competitors. That is the information we can convey regarding the specifications of Suzuki Celerio, hopefully it will be useful and increase your insight regarding the latest automotive world.
Description: The Celerio Suzuki specification is quite good as a middle class car and not inferior to its competitors in the same class.

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