Global Warming, How To Deal With It?

How to deal with global warming - Global warming or global warming is not a strange thing in our ears. Global warming is an effect caused by increasing levels of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere. this situation makes greenhouse gas emissions increase and if left unchecked continuously without appropriate countermeasures, it will have an impact on raising the sea level, rising air temperature and unstable weather and climate changes. So what should we do to overcome this global warming?
Solutions to Overcome Global Warming
1. Reducing Carbon Dioxide Production
Global warming has actually been going on for quite a long time, and to deal with it more than 150 countries have agreed to work together to reduce carbon dioxide production, especially by industrialized countries. But this effort is certainly not easy, especially the increasing use of vehicles makes the carbon dioxide content in the air increasing. For this reason, in Indonesia as a global lung, a number of programs have been launched to rejuvenate forests, and carry out reforestation in various areas that have been deforested. But we also have to support this government effort by planting trees around the house, and participating in preventing illegal logging.
In addition, to reduce carbon dioxide production is also our obligation. For this reason, it must begin with public awareness to participate in safeguarding the earth to remain sustainable, including using vehicles as needed, and preferring to use public transport when going to travel far and reducing excessive electricity consumption. Where for Indonesia itself, power plants are dominated by fossil-fueled power plants. For this reason, Japan has long used nuclear power plants because they are considered more effective in reducing the effects of global warming.
2. Changing Bad Habits
Bad habits here mean that habits can increase global warming. Among others are the construction of greenhouses, the use of disposable goods, excessive use of energy and excessive use of natural resources. All these habits are factors that can trigger an increase in global warming. For this reason it would be nice if we use various natural resources, such as plants, animals, water and so on wisely and according to need. Besides that, saving energy and preferring to use substitute energy can also be a powerful way to overcome global warming.
3. Creating Substitute Energy
The way to overcome further global warming is to create energy or substitute fuels. For now fossil fuel sources are still a widely used energy source. This solution should be sought, because there are still many sources of energy that we can use, such as water, wind, solar to nuclear. All of them can be processed and become sources of energy that can meet all human needs. Compared to the use of fossil fuels that can run out, the use of alternative fuels will certainly be more efficient if managed properly.
Those are some ways to overcome global warming that we can convey. What we need to remember to achieve great change must start from ourselves. So let us overcome this global warming together for our next generation. So that all people can enjoy the beauty of a world free from pollution and natural disasters ...
Description: How to deal with global warming can be successful if there is cooperation from all parties, be it government, groups or the whole community.

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