Effective Ways to Prevent Acne Naturally

Acne is one of the skin problems that most people complain about, especially by women. This is none other than because of the great influence it has on facial appearance. Therefore many of them are looking for ways to prevent acne naturally to keep their facial skin beautiful and smooth. To prevent this, you must first know what are the causes of acne, which among others are influenced by hormones, excessive oil levels, to the cleanliness of facial skin.
Effective Ways to Prevent Acne Naturally
1. Maintaining Facial Skin Cleanliness
After knowing the cause of acne, we can anticipate it by avoiding some of the things that trigger acne. And the cause that most influences the onset of acne is the cleanliness of facial skin. For this reason, always clean your face regularly, especially after traveling and using cosmetics. In addition there are habits that you really need to avoid which is nothing but touching the skin of the face when hands are dirty. Although this looks trivial, but your dirty hands will stick to your skin, which makes the skin vulnerable to acne.
2. Use the appropriate cosmetics
The next way is to use cosmetics that are in accordance with skin conditions and according to needs. Do not use cosmetics excessively because it will make your skin more prone to acne. But if it is necessary to clean cosmetics immediately after using it. Also use cosmetics according to the condition of your skin. To be able to know the condition of your skin, of course you must consult a dermatologist. This is indeed highly recommended to avoid undesirable effects such as allergies, acne, to cosmetic irritation. And for those of you who are in puberty, you should choose cosmetics that are suitable for your age.
3. Natural Mask
Another cause of acne is due to excessive oil levels. In addition to cleaning your face regularly, you can also prevent acne by treating facial skin using a natural mask. Some ingredients that you can use as a natural mask to reduce oil levels in the face include lemon or lime juice that you can apply directly to the skin. In addition you can also use egg whites mixed with honey. Apply to your face for about 15-20 minutes and rinse with clean water. A mixture of these two ingredients can make your skin moist and free of excess oil.
4. Sports and Drinking Water
Both of these habits have no doubt about their efficacy, besides making the body stay healthy. exercising regularly also keeps the skin tight and healthy. And if it is supported by consuming enough water, the properties will be complete in preventing acne. It will even make your facial skin look fresher and moist.
In addition to natural ways to prevent the onset of acne above, to keep your facial skin healthy and shining, it helps you also consume various fruits that contain lots of vitamins for skin health, especially fruits that are believed to prevent acne on your facial skin which include watermelon, apples, and bananas that contain a lot of potassium. Such are some ways to prevent acne naturally, which we can say, hopefully useful ...
Description: How to prevent acne naturally you can do by maintaining facial hygiene, maintaining the nutrients needed by the skin, and doing good habits to maintain healthy skin.

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