In order to be able to learn, this boy is defiant to read under the lighting of street lights

Most people will always focus on themselves, see the various problems only and never pay attention to the various things around him. This is what we often do, so often we will always feel deprived and never feel comfortable with the life we have now. The point is only one, we are not grateful for what we have today, even though it is more than enough for all our needs.

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Out there, there are so many people who are always busy complaining and feeling sorry for themselves by justifying their complaints. They always dwell on their personal affairs, and forget the people around them, even very likely if such people do not have time to just enjoy what they have today. Are we one of them?

Grateful for what we have

Some time ago, Brian a Filipino man revealed his experience through his Facebook page, where he met a boy who was engrossed in learning under street lighting. The incident happened when he was heading to Romadiyas in Calinan, Davao city, he was very impressed when he saw the little boy study diligently under the street lights.

According to the man through his Facebook, the boy was forced to learn by the wayside because his house is not powered by electricity. His family is so poor, so unable to access the electrical services in their homes. Learning by the wayside was the only option for the poor boy, because at home he could not do it comfortably because there was no adequate illumination there.

There was no complaint over the disadvantages and discomforts he faced all night while studying, the boy who now sits in second grade is still eager to learn, despite studying by the wayside. He wants a change and also a much better life for him and for his family in the future, so he has studied very hard from now on. Really, this is a real fighting spirit, which is often no longer owned by many people today.

This is certainly a very good motivation for us, where we are always the opposite. We often complain about every thing we do not like, even if it is for our own good. We never cherish what we have, even if it is more than enough for ourselves.

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Give time to the various things around us

Stop to always feel sorry for yourself and complain all the time. Out there, there are so many people who are not as fortunate as we are, even the problems always shelter them all the time, yet they live their lives with excitement and happy smiles.

 Do not just focus on yourself and ignore the various other things around us, because there are many useful lessons and experiences that we can learn. Seeing other things outside our lives, will make us grateful and can live life with "normal". That is, we will enjoy what we have today, happy and always feel calm in the day-to-day, that is the real meaning of life.

That's the story of a boy who is willing to read under street lighting, this story is really touching. how a child in his house is not powered by electricity but he does not give up, even with the spirit he learns under street lighting. hopefully this story useful, do not forget to read other inspirational stories only in sipolos.

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