Do It When Poor, Then You Will Succeed

Message from Jack Ma, The richest man in China:

1. When poor, reduce your time at home, multiply outside activities. When rich, spend time at home, reduce your activities outside. This is the "Art of Life".

2. When poor, use your money for others, when rich use your money for family and people you love. There are so many people upside down doing these two things.

3. When the poor do not calculate, be kind to others, this is just called poor people but a lot of sense. When rich, must learn to make other people good to you, and you should be better against others. This is a very beautiful way of life, but few people understand.

4. When the poor must be royal, but when rich, do not show off again. This life will return in simplicity, back in serenity.

5. Youth is the greatest wealth, value every moment of life, no need to fear poverty. The important thing is you have to know how to train yourself, what is the main thing, what to invest and when to save.

6. Do not buy clothes, you may buy a little, but buy is good quality. Increase eating with outsiders, you must dare to spend money and treat people who are more wise and more active than you.

7. When the money for your life is enough, the greatest happiness is: use your own hard earned money to reach your dreams. Spread your wings, pursue your dreams and let your life pass through different journeys.

8. Happiness will not escape from the life of each person, multiply to introspection mistakes yourself, then you will slowly forget how other people live.

9. Please do not carelessly criticize me, because you only know my name, but do not know the story of my life. You only hear what I do, but never know what I've passed.

10. A person who is really strong, will never spend time to take the hearts of others. Regarding relationships and connections, it's all just a complement, the most important thing is how to improve the ability in yourself. People can only come to you, once you improve.

11. You have become a lush tree, new birds will come. You are an ocean, a whole new stream will come to you. You have to reach a level first, just get a connection that is equal, not vice versa.

Settlement Notes
To finance his education, a poor boy sells door-to-door items. One day, this boy is really hungry but has no money to buy food. He decides to ask for something to eat when he knocks on the door in the next house.

A beautiful young woman opened the door, and the boy lost his courage. Finally he just asked to be given a glass of water, he was too embarrassed to ask for food. The young lady brought her a glass of milk, which the child drank ravenously.

The boy asked how much he owed. But the woman just smiled and said that her mother had taught her to be nice to others. And he never expected any reward.

The boy left the woman's home with a full stomach and a powerful new heart to continue her education and continue to work hard. But whenever he felt like quitting, he remembered the woman. Someone who has instilled a new belief and perseverance in him.

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Years later, in a major city, a prominent surgeon Dr. Howard Kelly was called in to consult a middle-aged woman suffering from a rare disease. When the woman told him the name of the town where he lived, Dr. Kelly felt a faint memory appear in her mind. Then, suddenly the Doctor woke up. She was the woman who had given her a glass of milk years ago.

Then the doctor continues the consultation by providing the woman with the best care and making sure she gets special attention. In fact, he exerted all his ability as a doctor to save the woman's life.

After a long stay in the hospital with various treatments, the woman was finally ready to return home. The woman is very worried because it will take years to complete the payment of the cost of care during the hospital. The serious illness he suffered and the length of his stay in the hospital had resulted in a considerable bill. However, when he received a bill, he found that Dr. Kelly had paid the entire bill and wrote a note for her.

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