To creatively need to be rewarded

Many people think that the creative soul is born from nature. That is, a person becomes creative or has not been established since in the womb. Is that true? As a person has a talent to sing and become a singer or a talented person to paint and then become a painter?
In fact, creativity, profession, and talent can not be viewed in absolute terms. Everyone since he was in the womb already has a variety of potential. Again, the environment, the people closest to it, and the momentum take over the trigger to grow and blossom that variety of potential.

 Speaking of creativity, then I conclude, it was already owned by humans from birth, whoever his parents. But making their creative power sharpened and shining requires a touch of sacrifice of their parents.
Why do I call a sacrifice? Yes, because parents have to divert their point of view to the point of view of their children, to empathize with their innocent thoughts, and to give them the opportunity to touch the larger areas of life. Not just giving them colorful wooden blocks, multifetal puzzles, fancy tricycles, or a variety of children's special toys scattered around the store; Children also need permission from their parents to scrape the flour dough, peel the carrots, squeeze the oranges, make their own activities from the cold water poured into various shapes, with pipe pieces, juice straws, and other things yada at home.

If we ask them what it is, the answer may be very surprising: "This is Mama's water pump This is the pipe and it's the pump It's held by two glasses so it does not fall, when Ade tried with a glass, his pipe fell Mama".

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Their experiments are sometimes very meticulous, and they discover the working principles of an object through such unstructured activity. Certainly, the one thing they need to do it all, the sacrifice of parents to see their pants wet, the floors in the front yard falling apart, and their wet little footprints mixed with inevitable dust must be left in our clean living room or kitchen .

I can feel how hard it is to let children play in their own way with their own imaginary play materials, which is really easy and cheap. The problem is, we are not willing to let them touch it because we do not want to bother and do not want to see the messy room. But after a long time I watched their progress, their way of thinking, and their incredible enthusiasm as they played that way, I realized that the kids had learned a lot through non-scheduled, undelivered, In black and white.

Creativity grew out of many tries and a sense of security and independence from excessive restrictions. I think that's the greatest sacrifice for any parent, to make their children able to think and act creatively in solving life problems.

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