Hey Literary Boy! True No Sih, Your Style Is Among The List Of Style-Style Cool Here?

Campus of Faculty of Letters, or at some universities known as the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB), is synonymous with its romantic as well as creative children. The musicalization of poetry, theatrical performances, the strains of gending, to the wayang performances become the typical performances if they have gawe. But not just their activities worth a look. Style of dressing children's literature is also not less interesting. You could say, the Literature campus is a miniature world with all its diversity. Well, you are a child of Literature, is not really your style is among the following cool styles? Let's peek first!

Among the other children of Literature, there are children of English, French and German Literature that always appear dapper.
Always appear necis and klimis, at least compared to other children in the campus Sastra. Such are the children of European Literature. Those who major in English, French, or German Literature always look neat when they come to college. European style, but still suitable for tropical Indonesia conditions.

They are boys wearing shirts with buttons neatly closed with slim fit pants that fit the body shape. Do not forget the vintage style sling bag that adds to the British impression.

Girls can use long knee-length skirts can be a circular or folding model. For superiors can use a collared shirt that fits the body.

If the weather is cool, many also add plain cardigans. Simple tote bag and flat shoes add to add a sweet impression to European Literature girls.
Simple look, which is important neat and polite. That's how an ordinary Arabic Literature boy dresses up

Continue to the children of Arabic Literature. Although not all of them, most Arabian Ladies girls wear a long veil that covers the chest. No need for too many accents, Arabic Literature girls always look simple and most importantly neat and polite. Likewise with the men of Arabic Literature, long-sleeved shirts are their choice. Children's activities Many Arabic Literature require removing footwear. Shoes that easily loose and plug into their choice. Colorful espadrille-style shoes can be the choice of Arabic Literature girls to keep appearing cheerful.
Chinese Literature children are usually not to campus wear cheongsam. Uh, but it's funny if you're oriental?

Approximately this is the style of the children of Mandarin Literature
Mentang learn Chinese Literature, does not mean all the children to campus wear cheongsam. Sometimes they just look simple clothes, T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, if more diligent yes plus flannel shirt. The bag is the satchel of a postman or backpack case.

Well, how about if you go to campus with oriental look warm nuances? Although not wearing cheongsam, maybe you can use a newfangled collar Shanghai. For the girl, let her hair cut off two let look cute. Maybe if you like this, your friends will greet you with, "Ni hao ma?"
The style J-Style, must be a child of Japanese Literature.
Some universities also have Japanese Literature. Well, if you see any children who style J-Style, it is almost certainly a child of Japanese Literature. The girl can use a short skirt with a plaid motif and shirt tops are coated with a sporty jacket. For shoes can use sneakers that cover the knee. Funny also if using a snapback cap with a particular image or writing. For guys, just replace the skirt with a casual jeans.
Do not want to miss, Korean Literature boy appeared with his K-Style.
K-Style is the mainstay of Korean literature children

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K-Style is the mainstay of Korean literature children via

If the children of Japanese Literature appear with its J-Style, Korean literary children also do not want to miss appearing with K-Style. Skeletal trousers that show arm boot boots and shirts that look saggy so characteristic of K-Style. The haircut is also very distinctive. The Korean styles are definitely Korean Literary boys!
T-shirts, faded jeans, sometimes wearing plaid flannels, so the identity of children Literature Indonesia and Literature Archipelago.

Well, if the children of Indonesian Literature and Literature Nusantara famous cuek in look - but also not less stylish. With T-shirts and obsolete jeans, children's Literature Indonesia and Literature Archipelago always look sleek. In order not to be angered by the Secretary of the Department, they added a flannel shirt that the whole button was left open. For the affairs of shoes, simple sneakers always be the choice of children Literature Indonesia and Literature Archipelago. As a complement, canvas backpacks increasingly make the children of Indonesian Literature and Literature Nusantara look cool.
Often menejelah to various areas, making cargo pants and mountain sandals so a comfortable style for children Anthropology, Archeology, and History.

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