Give Your Unique View with 9 Hippie Hippie Style - Bohemian Attractive

The hijab mode trends are now more varied. Every year there are always innovations designed by people in the fashion industry. This also makes you not get bored to follow even mixed-matching in various clothing you have. Now there is no more deh confused when going to travel. For example, want to dress what style, you stay picky at will.

For that, this time Hipwee Style provide a reference for you who want to look interesting with quite unique, that is bohemian a la hippie. Characteristic of this one style is all-patterned, quirky but soft colors, and made from falling on the body. Do not miss too loose clothes! Let the look of the hijab more cool, yuk peek  solid match fashion bohemian a la hippie following.
1. The colors of the earth like chocolate is so characteristic of this one style. Pair with the jeans to make it more suitable. Try pastel colors. One of the colors often used by lovers of bohemian a la hippie is chocolate. Whether it's light brown or old, you can wear it with another color. For example, hijab and your boss is already brown, well his subordinates jeans and sandals are black. Let the hippie impression is more viscous, wear a patterned brown scarf. Make you who have minimal clothing earth color like brown, wear colors rather gray also fit kok. Provided it is combined with a tassel scarf
2. Cool. Hippie style you can still apply with clothes outside the color of the earth, you know. For example, gray colors like blue or gray. You can wear a long T-shirt with jeans, then bring a scarf shawl or a patterned hijab that matches the color of your bundle.Line motifs you can also wear to bohemian a la hippie. Live wearing plain neutral tops and patterned hijabs, you are more interesting!
3. Ciamik! Bohemian a la hippie is synonymous with loose clothing. So, whatever your loose baggy, let alone the motive please just wear it. Suppose you have loose pants with striped motifs, can be combined with plain tops that are neutral. Let the more ciamik, you use hijab patterned enough to hit other clothing.
4. Eccentric look can also be used for formal events. Unloading the cabinets, who knows to find the outcast of the kece tunic. Also can be formal you know Views bohemian a la hippie quirky you can wear make formal. With high heels, tunic outfits, and cool material pants make you not lose each other.
5. Wear a hijab turban model is unwittingly going to success for people around you turned. Let's try it!. Patterned also okay. Complete the look of your nyentrikmu with turban hijab. In addition to the cool, bohemian a la hippie you are getting stronger!
6. Why should your motive skirt be left in the house just like that? Used for the streets even so look very hippie you know Surely you have dong skirt like this? Surely you have dong skirt like this?
Usually a motif skirt with a model like the photo above would prefer you wear at home or beach. But make it show bohemian side of you, wear it while walking with friends. Even cool deh, provided combined with high heels or wedges, belts, and beautiful handbags.
Or you can also blend a patterned blazer with a tunic skirt to attend a formal event. Guaranteed to be different from the others

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7. Suitable for the office. Instead of getting tired of wearing that outfit to the office or coming to a formal event, try experimenting with hippie style. You can still look formal with a skirt span tunic and blazer, you know. Your appearance is sure to make many people stunned.
8. Bohemian a la hippie can also be displayed with monochrome colors. Do not believe? Just look at the following photo
Tunics are also cool
In addition to the colors of the earth, hippie style also you can wear dengaan monochrome clothing. As long as there are shades of tunics and tassels, your bohemian side remains visible. So cool for the road!
9. Well, plaid patterns can also be used. However, still select a loose yes, so that his impression bohemian feel All the boxes can also
If you are tired of appearing with a tunic dress, occasionally there is no harm in wearing a plaid pattern. It's just that you still choose a loose model so that his impression bohemian feel.

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