Advancing SMI Electronics through the Provision of SPPT SNI for TV Kusrin Perakit

Director General of IKM Euis Saedah witnessed the handover of Certificate of Utilization Product of Indonesian National Standard (SPPT - SNI) from Minister of Industry Saleh Husin to Kusrin, owner of UD Haris Elektronik for assembled television product at Ministry of Industry, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/1)

At the event attended by Head of BPPI Haris Munandar, Bupati Karang Anyar, Sesditjen IKM Roy Sianipar, Directors in Directorate General of IKM, Head of B4T, Kabaristand Surabaya, Ka Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and SMEs Kab. KarangAnyar and journalists from various national media, Director General of IKM reported that UD. Haris Elektronika has had the complete license since 2011 (TDI, Nuisance Permit, TDP, SIUP). In UD production process. Haris Electronics has been using new electronics components such as chassis, casing, and cables. As for the tube TV still use the used goods (computer monitor) but has been through the process of quality testing in Central Materials & Technical Goods - Bandung. UD. Haris Elektronika has also registered trademarks under the applicable provisions under the brands Veloz, Zener, and Maxreen.

For information, in May 2015, UD. Haris Elektronika has applied for SPPT - SNI to LSPro Baristand Surabaya for the scope of CRT - TV, SNI 04-6253-2003. With guidance and guidance from Baristand Surabaya, the test certificate has been published by the Laboratory of Test of Materials & Technical Goods - Bandung on December 28, 2015 and on January 15, 2016 LSPro Baristand Surabaya has issued SPPT - SNI CRT - TV.

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The Directorate General of Small and Medium Enterprises through the Directorate of Small and Medium Industries of Metals, Machinery, Electronics and Transportation in cooperation with the Government of Karanganyar District will facilitate other Kusrin partners planning to apply for SPPT SNI. Besides SPPT SNI, there is also access to capital through the People's Business Credit (KUR) so that Kusrin and his colleagues can continue to produce television for their customers.

The local government, Balai Besar and Baristand are urged to inform SMEs in need of SPPT SNI facilitation so that incidents such as Kusrin can be handled with good coaching procedures and avoid any legal problems in the future. It is expected that this facilitation can help IKM develop technology in trying to become a breakthrough in the realm of electronics Indonesia.

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